Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lush Mistletoe bath bomb inspired nail art

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is chilling at home or with family and not stressing to much ;)

Today I have more information on the inspired nail art from the Lush Mistletoe bath bomb I posted about yesterday!

I chose Zoya Eden for the darker pink and  Zoya Wednesday for the darker green. The lighter green is Zoya Tiana and the lighter pink is Zoya Kitridge. I stamped with Eden and Wednesday, they worked pretty well!

Here's another look at my typical yet messy setup. I set out the bath bomb and comb though my polishes for matching colors.

I also have to try out each polish to find ones that stamp well since I don't have "stamping" polishes, and sometimes I have to pick out other colors that are more opaque.

The plates I used are Moyou festive collection 08 for the owls and hearts and Moyou Festive Collection 06 for the holly. I don't have a plate that has mistletoe on it, plus holly is cuter anyway!

I suppose I could give myself a little more room to work with if I cleared off my desk a little ;)

Here's another look at how it coordinates with the Mistletoe bath bomb. Some of my mani's match more that others ;)


  1. Well with that little space as well you have done a good job and Indeed the finished piece looks good. There is some finishing that is still needed on the part.

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