Friday, November 7, 2014

Orly Nail Rescue tutorial and review (purchased by me)

Hey guys! This one's been in the drafts for weeks! I've just been so busy around here that I don't have time for blogging. I wanted to blog bout Orly Nail Rescue when I tried it the first time! I initially had a hard time finding it at Sally, but I wound up finding it by the Orly polish and not by all the other nail supplies.

Orly Nail Rescue
Here is what you get in the kit....instruction manual, file/buffer thing, nail glue, and nail rescue powder (is this acrylic powder? I don't really know)

Orly Nail Rescue
So basically, this is a product you can use to save your nail when you get a break or crack. When I bought this I didn't have one, but wouldn't you know days after I did! Somehow I managed to get a break in my pinky nail, way down at the base of the free edge. These kind of breaks are super painful to cut down or file down!

nail break
The instructions  say to brush the nail glue covering your entire nail. I didn't want to do that! Ugh! So I only brushed it on half.

nail glue
Then quickly dip your finger into the powder.

dip into powder
You can see how I only have half my nail covered.

Then you file/buff until the surface is smooth. These are the 2 files/buffers I used.

I was not able to get the whole surface of the nail smooth. So there you go, kids. Instructions are there for a reason. I repeated the process covering my whole nail.

Here is my finished nail. It took a bit of filing the edges and buffing to get it smooth  but man did it make my nail rock hard! The instructions also say to use a ridge-filling basecoat under polish, which I usually do anyway. It also held up well through polish changes which was surprising. To remove you do have to soak it off a little, I just held a cotton ball soaked with acetone on there for a minute and then was able to firmly wipe it off.

I am super impressed with this product and have used it a few more times since the day I took these pics.


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