Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Manicures!

These have been so much fun over the past month. Sad to see it go! There's tons of gory stuff out there-you'll NEVER see me with blood spatter or vampire looking nails......I mean gross! And I have little kids Just cutesy stuff for me! I also tried jack-o-lanterns, but they just didn't look right, plus, orange=yuck!

Frankie and the Mrs. are my favorites!!! I also did a candy corn one with regular (not glittery) polish which I liked better but forgot to take a pic! Oops!

Tags: candy corn French manicure, spooky haunted house manicure, spooky cat and spider manicure, Frankenstein and his bride manicure

Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Day Manicure

Hi there out there! I'm posting this from my phone, trying it out again, because the only thing I have time to do when I am actually on the computer is pay the bills! Who knows when I'll be able to get back to blogging. The thing about doing all the blog-worthy things is I'm busy DOING them and not blogging about them :)

But I do have a new hobby. This is what happened when my husband recently went to visit his family overseas for 10 days. Gotta entertain myself somehow! I stumbled across some really coooool manicures looking at Halloween stuff on google images. And now I'm pretty much obsessed. Along with my mini-midlife crisis of becoming waaaaay more girly lately. Turning 35 with an all-boy household will do that to ya! So I may be posting them here for anyone else who is into this sort of thing. It's a little bit addicting :)

You can also follow @NailsByAnAggie on twitter for more pics. There's tons of ideas out there!

First up is my Election Day mani-regardless of your affiliation, get out and Rock the Vote! But as you can see I'm clearly *not* bi-partisan :) Who says Katy Perry gets to have all the fun???
[Republican elephant manicure, Romney-Ryan manicure, VOTE manicure]